Founded in 2010, after 5 years, AD.TEK has developed and expanded to become professional networking distribution company in Vietnam
Nowaday, AD.TEK's operation has been professionalizing and constantly expand. We have been partner, distributor of many Networking vendors and provide a  professional services to our clients.
To get the development as it is today, we have undergone milestone, marking the efforts and develop over time, along with the efforts of all members in AD.TEK family.


We are building and sustainable development by assuring our business philosophy

Learning from failure – There is no secret to success in business. You have to prepare, work hard, learn and grow up from your own failure. We are not afraid of unsuccessfulness. Mistakes are inevitable on the way to the top and create more opportunities to develop.

Keep innovating - Creative thinking makes the world better. If you stop innovating, you will become useless. We always make every effort to bring our customers, partners and our own business the most wonderful things

Systems thinking – We always build systems of solutions, strategies, mottos and actions which enable us to provide our customers high-quality products, services professionally and quickly.

Linking of the world – With present globalization trend, along with other businesses, we always connect to the world and update latest science and technology with desire to put science in practice in Vietnam

Sincerity and Close – That each staff in AD.TEK has been trying to improve themselves and leading to The Truth, The Goodness and The Beauty is not only an individual matter, but also a significant attempt of whole company to bring better values to customers, society.

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Since AD.TEK’s inception, the company has constantly developed and expanded strategic products in Electronics & Telecommunication, Information Technology and Automation. Since being products distribution partner with Extreme Networks in Vietnam Market, wi