Mellanox Announces World's First 100Gb/s EDR InfiniBand Switch


Mellanox announced Switch-IB, the next generation of its InfiniBand switch and the first-ever switch IC capable of 100Gb/s per port speeds. Switch-IB is the world’s fastest switch with 36-ports of 100Gb/s to provide 7.2Tb/s of switching capacity – 250 percent higher than the nearest alternative – with industry-low 130ns of latency and power consumption. According to Mellanox, Switch-IB is also the first to introduce router capabilities that enable full isolation and scalability to meet tomorrow’s needs of hundreds-of-thousand node clusters and beyond.

Seconds matter when you’re waiting for results,” said Scott Misage, general manager, high performance computing, HP. “HP’s new Apollo family of products will not only support Mellanox’s new IC capable 100Gb/s switch but deliver up to four times the performance throughput and reduce both latency and power consumption.”

As part of their exhibit at ISC’14, Mellanox is demonstrating the new switch with connections to x86, ARM, and Power computing platforms.


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