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PMP 450d Integrated Dish Subscriber Module

Product code : 1482139501

PMP 450d features a 25 dBi integrated dish in a new, rugged design. PMP 450d is easy to assemble and deploy, and works with existing power supplies.



    The Cambium Networks PMP 450 is our industry-leading wireless access network platform. The PMP 450d Integrated Dish Subscriber Module utilizes the PMP 450 platform capabilities in a new, rugged, high gain design.


    • 25 dBi integrated dish
    • Works with existing power supplies
    • Easy to assemble and deploy
    • Available in 5 GHz 


    Channel Spacing 5470 - 5875 MHz
    Channel Width 5 MHz, 10 MHz, 15 MHz, 20 MHz or 30 MHz
    Channel Spacing Selectable on 2.5 MHz increments
    MAC (Media Access Control) Layer Cambium Networks proprietary
    Physical Layer 2x2 MIMO OFDM
    Ethernet Interfaced  10/100/BaseT, half/full duplex, rate auto negotiated (802.3 compliant)
    Protocols Used  IPv4, UDP, TCP, IP, ICMP, Telnet, SNMP, HTTP, FTP
    Network Management HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, FTP, SNMP v3
    VLAN 802.1ad (DVLAN Q-inQ), 802.1Q with 802.1p priority, dynamic port VID
    ARQ Yes
    Modulation Levels (Adaptive)           MCS                                       Signal to Noise Required (SNR, in dB)
                   2X         QPSK                                                                 10
                   4X        16QAM                                                                17
                   6X       64QAM                                                                24
                   8X       256QAM                                                              32
    Modulation Modes (Dynamic) Dual Payload (higher throughput) MIMO-B or Single Payload (polarity diversity) MIMO-A
    Maximum Deployment Range Up to 40 miles (64 km)
    Latency  3-5 ms, typical
    GPS Synchronization Yes, via Autosync (CMM5 or UGPS)
    Quality of Service Diffserv QoS
    Antenna specifications 7° azimuth , 7° elevation , >30 dB front-to-back isolation
    Integrated Dish Gain 25 dBi
    Transmit Power Range  -30 TO +22 dBm (combined, to EIRP limit by region) (1 dB interval)
    Maximum Transmit Power +22 dBm combined
    Antenna Connection Integrated dish antenna
    Surge Suppression IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) 15kV (AIR), 8kV (contact)
    IEC 61000-4-4 (EFT) 40A (5/50 ns)
    IEC 61000-4-5 (LIGHTNING) 100A (8/20 ms )
    Mean Time Between Failure > 40 Years
    Environmental IP55
    Temperature / Humidity -40°C TO +60°C (-40°F TO 140°F), 0-95% non-condesnsing
    Weight 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
    Wind Loading -  Front Facing Dish diameter – 47 cm (16.8 inches with Radome)
    Depth - 17 cm (6.6 inches)
    Typical Power Consumtion 9 W
    Maximum Power Consumption 12 W
    Input Voltage 20 TO 32 V
    Wind Survial Speed  
    Wind Loading (@145 KM/H (90 MPH) FRONT) 197N (44.3 lbf)
    Wind Loading  (@145 KM/H (90 MPH) SIDE)  65.5N (14.7 lbf)
    Mounting Pole Size (Range) 25.4mm to 76.2mm (1” to 3”)
    Mechanical Downtilt  -30° to +30°
    Encryption 56-bit DES, FIPS-197 128-bit AES
    Industry Canada (ISEDC) 109W-0001 (5.4, 5.8 GHz)
    FCCID Z8H89FT0001 (5.4, 5.8 GHz)
    CE EN 301 893 V1.7.1 (5.4 GHz)


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