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Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Product code : swg

SWG from Smoothwall is a powerful standalone gateway designed to tackle the issues of acceptable web usage, productivity loss, web-borne malware, and mobile device integration. Available as software, hardware appliance, and virtual machine.


    As the web becomes more expansive — and indispensable — every day, you need a solution to answer the challenges it presents. SWG from Smoothwall is a powerful standalone gateway designed to tackle the issues of acceptable web usage, productivity loss, web-borne malware, and mobile device integration.

    Founded on Smoothwall's groundbreaking Real-Time content filtering, SWG provides a proactive way to analyse and categorise web content without relying on URL blocklists. Where other products rely on historical URL lists, and new user-generated content appears by the second, SWG gives you the confidence of zero-day protection. Whether we're protecting you from inappropriate or illegal content, anonymous proxy usage, malware, or simply wasted resources, SWG from Smoothwall makes your life easier.

    Combined with our reporting suite, real-time activity monitoring, social media controls and bandwidth optimisation, you can now see and control everything your users do on the web. Even when they're using their own devices (BYOD), or taking your devices on the road.

    SWG lets you create a safe, productive web specifically for your environment. The Web You Want.

    Key features

    • Real-Time Content Analysis
      • Identify brand new web content long before URL lists
    • "Who, What, When, Where" policies
      • Easily build filtering policies by user, category, time and location
    • Layer 7 Application Control * **
      • Control non-web traffic such as Skype and BitTorrent
    • Gateway Anti-Malware*
      • Protect your network from web-borne malware attacks
    • Social Media Controls
      • Use social networks productively
    • BYOD Guest Filtering
      • Filter guest mobile devices on your Wi-Fi network
    • Limit Bandwidth Use by Policy*
      • Limit bandwidth use by user, content type, time or location
    • Reporting Suite
      • Schedule reports on user activity and view requests in real time
    • Anonymous Proxy Blocking
      • Prevent circumvention of your Acceptable Use Policy
    • Mobile Filtering clients for Windows, OSX and iOS
      • Apply your filtering policies to devices on the road — in real time
    • HTTPS Filtering
      • Filter SSL traffic, including secure anonymous proxies
    • Search Term Filtering and Forced Safe-search
      • Protect your network from inappropriate search engine content
    • Virtualisation Support
      • Supporting VMware, Hyper-V and more


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