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SXT 5 ac

Product code : rbsxtg-5hpacd

802.11ac up to 540Mbit, 1300mW RF output, low latency Point to Point


    The new AC standard is here, with up to 866Mbit over the air datarate, 256-QAM modulation, and 80MHz channels. 802.11a/n/ac opens up new possibilities and speeds never possible before.

    The SXT ac is a new member in our 802.11ac product lineup, currently two models are available — with regular 28 degree antenna, and the SA model with a 90 wide beam- width sector antenna. Also supports 802.11a/n mode and is compatible with all legacy RouterBOARD devices, including Nstream and Nv2 protocols. Both devices come with Gigabit Ethernet.

    New products are backwards compatible- for example, you can replace your 5GHz 802.11an legacy Access Point with new 802.11ac product and your existing customers will still be able to connect to it.

    Product specifications

    Product code RBSXTG-5HPacD
    CPU nominal frequency 720 MHz
    CPU core count 1
    Size of RAM 128 MB
    10/100 Ethernet ports 0
    10/100/1000 Ethernet ports 1
    MiniPCI slots 0
    MiniPCI-e slots 0
    Wireless chip model QCA9882-BR4A-R
    Wireless standards 802.11a/n/ac
    Number of USB ports 1
    Power Jack 0
    PoE in Passive
    PoE out No
    Supported input voltage 15 V - 57 V
    Voltage Monitor Yes
    CPU temperature monitor No
    PCB temperature monitor Yes
    License level 4
    Antenna gain DBI 16
    Current Monitor No
    CPU QCA9557-AT4A-R
    Max Power consumption 12W
    SFP ports 0
    SFP+ ports 0
    USB slot type USB type A
    Number of chains 2
    Serial port None


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