Business Scope

Since AD.TEK’s inception, the company has constantly developed and expanded strategic products in Electronics & Telecommunication, Information Technology and Automation. Since being products distribution partner with Extreme Networks in Vietnam Market, with using excellent technology and advanced network design system, we have consolidated our leading position in distributing products and IT solutions in Vietnam

We focus on following areas:

  • Consulting, building security and communication solutions for businesses and organizations.
  • Distributing IT and communication products in Vietnam market.
  • Providing professional services for companies: Deployment service, integration system, operation and management system service, security system check system…

The vision

Virtualization – At present, virtualization is becoming a common trend of almost franchises worldwide. Companies choose to be virtualized because crisis pushes them to find every ways to minimize costs and virtualization is an energy optimization trend in the future.

Cloud Computing – Not out of general global IT trend, Vietnam is gradually approaching cloud service through several projects of foreign companies such as:  Microsoft, Intel, VMWare, …This technology is considered to be solution for problems which many businesses have faced such as: lack of IT experts and limited investment costs… Most of the IT leaders seem to have great expectations when evaluating this technology. 

Mobility – Technology for future Simple factors such as sales, business’s information monitor and more complex activities like plane signal transfer, pilot’s routes determination have been already mobilized. It is obvious that Mobility is turning to be an indispensable element of businesses in the globe. In last 5 years, the explosion of mobile devices, especially “smart devices” has created mobile-based technology trends and new business methods.



It is strong development of IT and Communication which promotes AD.TEK to grow, improve solutions and methods to provide customers latest services, products which can meet the modern IT trend.

We do not stop at only investing in technology and products, but also building a professional engineer system for the purpose of bringing maximum trust to customers.

AD.TEK has built a development strategy with an aim to bring the company to become one of leading enterprises in IT and Communication who specializes in providing IT products along with professional services to customer in 21st century. 

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