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This is an end-to-end solution which makes airside a safer environment. The system realizes full visual coverage at the airside with immense resolution and ensures smooth airside operation control by providing advanced Video Content Analysis (VCA) and Real-time Decision Making Support (RTDMS). Logipix intelligent computer vision technologies make it possible to better organize everyday tasks and prevent incidents even under low visibility conditions.

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Meeting the needs of individual airports: AD.TEK always considers the specific structure and characteristics of each airport individually to designate the most reasonable installation points and define the necessary resolution for the desired functions.

Vision far beyond human eye capabilities: High-end Logipix cameras provide extreme resolution and wide dynamic range under various lighting conditions. 200-320 MP Panorama cameras monitor vast areas from a single viewpoint.

Embedded airside rules: Allows to configure and apply special airside rules, both temporary and permanent ones within the system.

Computer Vision Technologies: The Airside Augmented Reality Solution provides several intelligent, VCA functions that are able to detect and even predict different incidents and situations that may occur at the airside.

Remote Apron: The solution allows controllers to remotely control ground operations on the airside at many distant, small or mid-sized airports from a centralized monitoring room.

Augmented Reality: The system merges visual and text information, visualizes automatic detection and prediction results and displays them together on an interactive interface.

Real-time Decision Making Support: The solution weights and filters the automatically detected incidents and situations and highlights the relevant ones on screen.

Ground Handling Management Support: AD.TEK monitors the status and manages the progress of ground handling services during turnarounds.

Integrated airport systems: The solution integrates Airport Systems like Airport Operational Database, Radar Systems, Range Finders, ADS-B, MLAT and A-SMGCS.

Perimeter intrusion detection: AD.TEK provides perimeter intrusion detection which can rely on the integrated PIDS or the VCA or on both at the same time.

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Registering landing and take-off: Automatic visual registration of landings and take-offs. In case of receiving transponder information the exact time can be calculated that airplanes spend at the airport. 

Geofencing: Airside rules can be configured in the system and they can be applied for automatic detection functions

  • Configurable airside rules within the system
  • Different rules based on zone and object types (safety and access rules, speed limits, etc.)

Situational awareness: Helps avoid collisions at the airside.

  • Tracking real-time position of objects, predicting their future status and alerting controllers
  • Proximity alert function
  • Collision prediction function

FOD detection: Helps avoid incidents caused by FOD.

  • Automatic FOD detection function
  • Stones, plastic foils, tools, aircraft parts, dolly wheels or bolts, screws, etc.
  • Registering the source object which the FOD comes from
  • FOD labels, list, status, history
  • Applied Virtual fence around the FOD

Integrated Positioning systems: Receiving transponder data and visualize them together with the detected objects.

PIDS integration: Existing Perimeter Intrusion Detection System can be used to trigger automatic zoom functions.

Ageing: Scheduled frame rate reducing technology to optimize storage capacity.

Object tracking: Fast and easy to track both cooperative and non-cooperative objects, filtering based on object classes, merge transponder information with detected objects.

  • Detecting, tracking and classifying objects under various lighting conditions
  • Tracking cooperative and non-cooperative objects
  • Differentiating four basic type of objects (aircraft, vehicle, human, animal)
  • Real-time GPS coordinates
  • Identification information on cooperative objects from integrated airport systems (ADS-B, MLAT. A-SMGCS)
  • Informational object labels with collected data

Virtual fence: Fast reaction to temporary area limitations on the airside by configuring provisional rules in order to activate automatic detection functions.

  • Temporary zones with applied provisional rules
  • Dynamic time schedules for configured rules

Automatic traffic enforcement: Helps enforce traffic rules at the airside.

    • Different rules for different type of vehicles in different areas
    • Detecting overspeed, stop line, traffic light and parking violations

    Remote Apron: No need to invest in an expensive apron tower.

    Ground Handling Management: Providing automatic support for ground handling services and collecting useful data for post-analysis.

    Self-cleaning system: AD.TEKcameras clean their own houses based on configured schedules.


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